Maintenance and repair of special purpose vehicles

Service description

We offer a complete solution for repair and maintenance work for special purpose vehicles – from the restoration of spare parts to electrical and paint work.

List of services


Repair work is preceded by diagnostics or troubleshooting, which is a prerequisite for performing money- and time-saving repair work. We perform diagnostics according to the need and the nature of the problem.

Electrical works

We fix the electrical systems of the vehicle, install various accessories (lights, additional heaters, winches, etc.). We repair generators and starters.

Engine repair

We assess the condition of the engines and, if necessary, perform engine replacement, component repair (compressors, high pressure pumps, etc.) or engine overhaul.

Undercarriage repair

We perform maintenance, replacement, or repair of various chassis components. These include, for example, the replacement of control and stability rods, the repair of the steering system, the braking system and the suspension. We maintain and repair vehicle hydraulic components and equipment.


We perform bodywork for special purpose vehicles, incl. body parts replacement, welding repair, sandblasting and paintjob.

Repair of heating and cooling systems

We perform repair and maintenance work for vehicle heating and cooling systems.

Maintenance works

We offer periodical maintenance of special purpose vehicles which might include for example:
- Maintenance of pneumatic systems
- Change engine oil and oil filters
- Gearbox oil change
- Coolant change
- Power steering fluid change
- Changing brake pads and brake fluid
- Replacing belts
- Change of axle oils
- Engine leak check
- Maintenance of various hydraulic equipment (winches, cranes, etc.)

Completed projects

Maintenance and repair of special purpose vehicles - Services - Baltic Defence and Technology

Renovation of BV206 of Rescue Board

Maintenance and repair of special purpose vehicles