Repair and maintenance of fuel trucks

Service description

We offer spare parts, repair and maintenance for different types of fuel trucks (VAN HOOL, DAF YF4442, DAF YFZ2300, JET TEKNO field refueling containers, WEW field refueling containers and fuel storage container trailers, MAGIRUS DEUTZ etc).

We perform following works:

• Inspection, repair and replacement of bottom valves and under/overpressure valves of fuel trucks (Alfons Haar)
• Inspection, repair, and replacement of pneumatic pressure valves (Alfons Haar)
• Inspection, repair, and replacement of hydraulic systems of refueling equipment (Hydroscand, Hansaflex).
• Inspection and replacement of rubber compensators and sealants of fuel pipelines (Elaflex, Klinger, Hydroscand).
• Installation, inspection, repair, maintenance, and replacement of fuel measuring systems (Satam, Piusi, Flomec).
• Repair of equipment cabinets and toolboxes of refueling systems, lighting systems installation and repair works.
• Repair and maintenance of fuel separator systems, replacement of fuel filtering systems (Faudi, Jet-Tekno, Alfons Haar).
• Repair and maintenance of fuel pumping systems (Alfons Haar).
• Measuring system calibration works in co-operation with Metrosert.
• Pressure and tightness tests according to the ADR requirements in co-operation with Kiwa Inspecta.
• Supervision service of pressure vessel for dangerous liquids according to the Equipment Safety Act.
• Washing and degassing service for fuel tanks and systems prior to transportation or storage.
• Disposal of fuel residues and other related dangerous waste material.

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